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The Pickawillany Condominium Unit Owners' Association consists of 193 individual units in 27 residential structures  nestled on approximately 21 acres of mature landscaping and is professionally managed by The Case Bowen Company.  Bordering the circumference is the The Turtle Golf Club Course offering golfing memberships optional to Little Turtle residents.  The majority of the property units are individually owned, single, freehold estates.  The remaining areas consist of all parts of the condominium property except the units and are owned in common by unit owners. Common ownership includes The Activity Center area, swimming pool, the free standing building housing the pool facilities, etc.

Located only twenty minutes from downtown Columbus and a mere ten minutes from air transport at the Columbus International Airport  with major shopping centers and entertainment complexes in close proximity, Little Turtle offers a secluded sanctuary from the normal bustle of a large metro area.  However, this seclusion does not preclude close access to major expressways , and still allows one to remain totally connected to the world of electronic media via high definition fiber optic cable TV including cable internet.

Directions to Little Turtle:  Take Rt 270 North to New Albany Exit 161.  Progress to exit at Little Turtle Way taking a left at the exit going North to Bluejacket Rd.  Entrance to Little Turtle is left on Bluejacket.  

Special Services             

The Association can and does provide some special services to individual unit owners.  If you are disabled or someone living with you is disabled and require special assistance or amenities, you should contact the Association's Management Company or a Board member with your request.

Any special services or amenities provided by the Association outside of those services or amenities for which the Association is normally responsible may require an additional fee to be paid by the unit owner.  Your Board of Directors will work closely with you in resolving any problems or difficulties you may encounter.


Fire security is provided by a new state of the art, 4g cellular transmitted and monitored FireAlarm system serviced by Garber Electric.


The Pickawillany Condominiums are located in the Westerville school district. While we pay Columbus City taxes, a portion of our tax dollars is given to the Westerville school district for school use.  Pickawillany Area Schools:

Elementary School - McVay                       895-5921

Middle School       - Walnut Springs                       895-6030

High School          - Westerville Central             797-6800

ECOT                   - Ohio Online Public School K-5 thru K-12

COTA Bus Schedule

New Albany Bus #39 - Monday through Friday  (Bus schedule subject to change).

TELERIDE:   278-0261                        COTA:  228-1776

Refuse Collection Schedule - Little Turtle Pickawillany is in Gray area. Collection day moves forward 1 day after each city holiday. For bulk service pickup call 311 .  


   Disclaimer and Terms of Use